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Stephanie, SearchLight’s business manager, joined the firm in 2015. She oversees both general operations and the property management division. According to Stephanie, the best part of her job is helping people and making their lives easier. Previously, Stephanie worked as an assistant manager for a bank in Santa Maria, where she was born, raised, and educated – she studied business at Santa Barbara Business College. On typical weekends, Stephanie travels and camps with her husband, who shares her love of the outdoors. Occasionally, they persuade one or more of their three grown children to join them. That’s often a tougher task than any business challenge!
Alexa is SearchLight’s transaction coordinator, a role that encompasses both property management and real estate sales. On the property management side, she handles invoices, rent payments, and work orders. On the real estate side, she prepares listings and offers, and ensures the accuracy of documents before they are sent off for signature. Alexa’s favorite pursuit when she’s not working is singing. Applying her choral training, she now sings all styles of music and spends many happy hours using her karaoke machine.
Cocoa is our director of “leashing” and serves as the company mascot. He was initially hired as a security consultant, but this role was not a good fit for him. This became clear whenever Cocoa encountered a stranger. No barking or growling; just lots of wet, sloppy kisses. We adjusted his job description accordingly. He still takes on important roles in real estate, however. For example, he is an expert in surveying backyards.